Hey guys,

Only had two competition entries, so those two will be the winners, I will email you both today

First place – Avishek Singh

Second place – teensworldbabyg




Hey guys,

Remember competition ends tonight at midnight!

Will have a read through and see peoples submissions, then announce the winners on Monday:)

Remember to email me your final pieces –


Me and You


So I was looking at my novel on amazon today and saw I had a review, it wasn’t exactly a bad review but it wasn’t a good one either.

Basically it said how awful the editing was, kind of annoyed because I spent just as long editing it as I did writing it and then I realised I had uploaded the unedited manuscript and I could honestly kick myself!!

So, thank you to that reviewer! I probably would have never noticed otherwise.

I’ll be uploading the proper version after work!




So, one entry has been submitted already. I love reading other peoples work.

remember all entries to –

Also, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.


10 reasons to forget you


So I’m definitely sticking with the title ’10 reasons to forget you’ for my second novel that I’m currently writing.

I have a lot of ideas for this one but its quite challenging to write, I want to make it full of emotion.

Sneak peak quote:

“I know I’m sounding like I hate you, we both know that’s a far cry from the truth, I resented you though, I resent you for the way these ten reasons made me feel, I resent you for even having to know what these ten reasons are.”



Hey guys.

Hope the writing is going well.

Feel free to ask me for tips and ideas on your competition piece. –


Competition start

Hey guys..

The competition is starting from today.

Key words:

Boyfriend, stranger, lie, alcohol, note, secret

All final pieces must be submitted to

Also, if you have any questions, please email me on the above address.

There will be two winners, I will be publishing the winning two pieces on my blog and twitter. My previous posts have prize details if you want to check them out.

All entries to be in by 03.08.17 at midnight.

Happy writing.


Novel number two and three :)


So I’m currently writing ’10 reasons to forget you’ it’s really challenging to write but I can’t wait to finish it and see what people think, it’s definitely different to my style of writing. I have a thing for unhappy endings too so I’ll see where this one takes me.

I’m also writing ‘Another Salter diary’ this is also different from what I’ve wrote before, I normally stick to the romance genre and always write from the females point of view because I can easily relate. in this novel I’m writing from the males point of view as he heads out on his journey, there may be a little romance to it but the majority of the novel is fantasy based.

I can’t wait to share all of my work with you and don’t forget that my first self published novel ‘Me and You’ is available on amazon now.


Competition update.

Hi guys,

So I’ve decided that the competition will start tomorrow on Friday 21.07.2017.

The key words for the short story will be up on here tomorrow from 12 noon.

Also, all short story entries will be submitted to my email:

Depending on how this competition goes and how many people get involved, I’ll hold another in the near future.


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