Novel number two and three :)


So I’m currently writing ’10 reasons to forget you’ it’s really challenging to write but I can’t wait to finish it and see what people think, it’s definitely different to my style of writing. I have a thing for unhappy endings too so I’ll see where this one takes me.

I’m also writing ‘Another Salter diary’ this is also different from what I’ve wrote before, I normally stick to the romance genre and always write from the females point of view because I can easily relate. in this novel I’m writing from the males point of view as he heads out on his journey, there may be a little romance to it but the majority of the novel is fantasy based.

I can’t wait to share all of my work with you and don’t forget that my first self published novel ‘Me and You’ is available on amazon now.


Competition update.

Hi guys,

So I’ve decided that the competition will start tomorrow on Friday 21.07.2017.

The key words for the short story will be up on here tomorrow from 12 noon.

Also, all short story entries will be submitted to my email:

Depending on how this competition goes and how many people get involved, I’ll hold another in the near future.




So I was thinking of holding a writing competition… would anyone be interested?

What I was thinking of doing is giving the contestants a few key words and they would come up with a short story.

First prize: Free copy of my book and a mention on my blog.

Second prize: Stationary items to help with writing and a mention on my blog.

Comment and let me know who would be interested.

I was thinking I could leave the competition open for two weeks or maybe a month? let me know what you think.


Another writing day :)


So today I’m focusing on writing my novel, which I’m almost certain is going to be called ’10 reasons to forget you’

I’m really excited about this one, I can’t stop writing, it’s such a fun but challenging piece to write, it’s going to be a mix between happy and sad.

I have two novels that I’m currently writing, the other one is more of a fantasy piece, as I normally stick to the romance side of things. This one is coming along slowly as I’m paying so much attention to every bit of detail, I want to make sure its a good read. The title so far is ‘Another Salter diary’ but obviously as I write more of it, that could change.

More updates coming soon.




Welcome to my blog, i’m here to promote my writing and reach my audience.

My first novel ‘Me and You’ is now available on Amazon here:

much love. ox

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